San Francisco War Memorial Veterans Building
Herbst Theater Improvements

The Veteran's Building, built in 1932, is a historic landmark.  It is part of the San Francisco Civic Center, regarded by many scholars as the finest manifestation of the City Beautification movement in the United States. The Herbst Theater is a small venue theater located within the central core of the building.

Donald Alameida was the project architect for two improvement projects within the theater:  first, replacing the stage maple floor and subsequent stage project replacing the seats on the first level and providing ADA seating at all levels.  Also ADA compliant restrooms were designed to serve the theater.

In addition to the Herbst Theater projects, Donald managed a seismic assessment and improvement study for the War Memorial Veteran's Building similar to the completed War Memorial Opera House Seismic Upgrade project.

Project Role

Project Architect:

Donald Alameida

Stage Replacement Project Data

Year Contructed:
Construction Cost:
Construction Schedule:

$ 70,000
2 months

Auditorium Seating/ADA Restroom Project Data

Year of Construction:
Construction Cost:
Construction Schedule:

$ 350,000
4 months

S.F. War Memorial Veterans Building

S.F. War Memorial Veterans Building - Herbst Theater

Date last modified: August 15, 2009