Hopland Elementary School
Emergency Flood Repair Project
Ukiah, California

On January 2, 2006, the Town of Hopland experienced a catastrophic flood.  Hopland Elementary school was submerged in three feet of water.  The school was closed and students bused to alternative schools.  Alameida Architecture was enlisted to prepare design and construction documents to renovate and reopen the school for the next school year.

This required completing documents, working with FEMA, obtaining state building permits and reconstructing 22,000 square feet in seven months.

This goal was met and Hopland Elementary school was reopened August 2006 after a 1.3 million dollar renovation complete with new finishes, new cabinetry and restrooms throughout.

Project Team

Project Architect:
General Contractor:
Inspection of Record:

Alameida Architecture
GCCI, Inc.
Clay Blundel

Project Data

Square Footage:
Year of Construction:
Construction Estimate:
Bid Amount:
Project Duration from Flood to Reopening:

$ 1,200,000
$ 1,154,766
Seven Months


Hopland Elementary School

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