Union Square Plaza and Garage
San Francisco, California

The Union Square Improvement Project is a renovation project of the Union Square Plaza and Parking Garage, making them a fitting complement to the high quality of public and commercial uses in the area.  Originally a park surrounded by churches and residences, the Union Square of today is the commercial retail center of the City. The square continues to serve as a stage for gatherings of all types, including musical performances, art exhibitions and rallies. Union Square enjoys an international reputation as one of the great public spaces of the world.

The purpose of the improvement project was to return Union Square to its former glory and to provide San Franciscans and visitors with an updated gathering place for the 21st century.  It opened August 2002 with great success.

The new design improves visibility into the Square, making it more inviting and accessible.  It allows flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of activities and a place that facilitates interaction between individuals and groups.  It provides color, ambiance and new pedestrian amenities.

The design includes a large central plaza, stage lawn terraces down to Geary Street, steps down to Maiden Lane and four corners plazas.  A visitors' services pavilion and cafe are included in the project. The historic Dewey Monument is retained, as are the signature palms at the four corner entrances to the square. Renovation of the Union Square Garage also occurred as part of the project.

Union Square

New Union Square @ Geary & Powell Streets

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Project Team

Sponsor's Project Manager:
Prime Landscape Architects:
Design Competition Landscape Architects:
Architects for Structures & Garage Renovation:

Alameida Architecture
Royston Hanamoto Alley & Abey
Philips and Fotheringham
Patri-Merker Architects

Project Data

Square Footage:
Year of Construction:
Construction Cost:
Construction Schedule:

100,000 Plaza & 400,000 Garage
25 Million
18 Months

Date last modified: August 15, 2009